Four-day workweek

We have recently decided to play our part in creating a new way of working: as of 2024, we are introducing a four-day workweek!

The idea is not a new one, but it seems to have come under greater consideration since the COVID-19 pandemic generated a broad re-evaluation of how we work, including a great work-from-home migration and hybrid office implementation.

The fundamental goal of introducing a four-day workweek is to improve the quality of life of our employees. By working fewer hours overall and having three full days off, our staff will have more time for personal priorities like spending quality time with family, friends and pets, being able to provide care, attend doctor appointments, invest time in personal development and education or simply have more time for travel, hobbies or for household management. 

But there will be benefits for the company too. By giving our employees more control over their time, the company expects to achieve increased productivity and motivation, avoid employee burnout, increase efficiency across the business, as well as to obtain a competitive advantage for hiring new staff.  

As COVID-19 clearly showed us, we can find a better balance between our professional and personal lives. Therefore, it is time to make a move towards a more sustainable working environment.