NAYA Modular Cleanrooms

Less time to design. Less costs to build. More flexibility.

Design Process

NAYA Modular Cleanroom, our prefabricated turnkey cleanroom solution is flexible, mobile and scalable for all cleanroom requirements.

Designed as a self-contained, modular unit that integrates all mechanical and architectural requirements of a standard cleanroom, it allows for enhanced technological usage and flexible re-usage of space. All specific process-related demands that determine the blueprint of a facility can be integrated into NAYA. It is specifically conceived for easy, on-site installation in a variety of environments, fully compliant with EU GMP and FDA requirements.

Commissioning Process

Our modular cleanrooms are a fully commissioned system. Qualification time and related costs are significantly reduced, leading to a maximised value of the product patent life. Prior to delivery, we test every component of NAYA Modular Cleanrooms with a Factory Acceptance Test and after delivery with a Site Acceptance Test.

Complete on-site qualification and commissioning of the cleanrooms is provided on-site by our professional validation team.

Project Management

Our in-house project team manages the cleanroom project process from concept to completion, with attention to clients’ specific needs. They ensure even the most stringent of quality requirements are met to fulfil the design intents at the leading edge of the cleanroom industry.

Each project is allocated a dedicated project manager who has direct control over a supporting team and who oversees every aspect of the job and provides a single, consistent point of contact with the client. NAYA Life Sciences also uses experienced site managers who are trained to supervise the installation to our detailed construction plan.

Transportation and installation

Each component of our prefabricated modular cleanrooms is packaged almost complete, with only minimal installation required on-site. Once manufactured, we package and load the modules and we transport them directly to site.

All sections can be fitted with Air Caster technology, enabling the modules to be easily moved and positioned, ready for final on-site assembly.


On-site assembly

On-budget & On-time


Flexible re-usage of space

Rapid manufacturing & installation

Global shipment options

Our Concept Solution provides project-based processing of cleanroom clusters for a variety of applications. They are usually designed for larger scale areas and infrastructures, as ballroom or unit operation structures. 

Our Concept Solutions are designed as a custom solution according to the needs of the client, while still employing core features of the prefabricated modular cleanrooms. Their size can be easily transformed to fit any process or host facility limitations.   

This approach is excellent for start-up investments since it allows the facility to be easily scaled up to modify or upgrade the cleanroom area for new projects or classification requirements.

Our Standard Modules have been developed to respond to the increasing need of rapid build-up capacities that traditional construction can not achieve. 

They come in a variety of sizes, each with bidirectional and unidirectional flow options, fully designed and available in just eight weeks. They integrate standard sections, construction procedures, standard quality checks and commissioning.  They can be easily mass-produced at a significantly lower costs compared to the traditional facility approaches.

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