Our modular cleanrooms unlock the potential of cell and gene therapies 

Due to their ability to control contamination and maintain a sterile environment, cleanrooms are critical to the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. They help to ensure the safety, purity, and efficacy of these complex therapies, along with adherence to strict regulations and standards.

As the global cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector is experiencing growth, to keep pace with the growing demand, many companies face complex and evolving operation challenges. While the challenges of scaling out CGTs are multi-faceted, we have designed modular cleanroom solutions to offer a chance to future-proof operations in cell and gene therapy production. 

Our solutions do not focus solely on the production capacity but look at the needs of related upstream processes that feed into manufacturing. We help our clients to plan their manufacturing for the long term and look at operational requirements that may arise during the next 5-10 years. Our modular structures can be deployed quickly to facilitate technology transfer, provide QC lab space, maintain specialized equipment, or provide warehouse space for GMP activity and related upstream manufacturing processes. 

Since our guiding principle is to make our clients fully satisfied with the final project outcome, we work directly with them to customize their cleanroom up to the strictest required specifications for both manufacturing and research. Fully regulated and controlled, our custom modular cleanrooms are the right solution for large-scale and long-term manufacturing needs or for expanding current operations.

The modularly created cleanroom design allows our clients to go from single rooms to a ballroom design, thus double their capacities to move on to commercial manufacturing. This significantly reduces barriers to the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies and unlocks their huge potential to realize life-changing achievements.